“Distraction is the curse of our age.  The desperate need today is not for a greater number

of efficient people, or busy people, but for present people.”  (Nathan Foster) 


Agree or disagree?  (I invite you to really think about your answer here…why?)


We all live amidst jobs, families, and responsibilities.  These are all good things. 

God provides these contexts as a place to form our character.  In this information age, we have an added responsibility. 

Our computers and cell phones give us tremendous power – power to research and to communicate instantly. 

Along with that power comes the remarkable potential for distraction.  


Here is what is true:  Each day God invites you & me into a conversational relationship with Him that leads to sustainable joy, peace, and life.  Also true:  Guilt is never a life-giving motivator. 


So, without using guilt or shame, might you take a few moments to recognize the ‘distractions’ in your daily life or in this particular week, and consider one or two ways that you can be training to heighten your awareness of God? 


One way is to use a breath prayer.  As you inhale, speak or think the name of ‘Jesus’ and as you exhale, speak or think ‘You have my attention.’. 


Perhaps speak to God about where you need His training and His help to become

a person who can be fully present to ourselves & one another, and most importantly to God.