On Sunday afternoons, from March 6th to April 10th, about 28-30 of us gathered to experience Alpha!  

The laughter, joy at being with others, great goodies to eat and good coffee via our new Keurig was truly delightful.

Talking about our Christian faith with those who are unfamiliar or skeptical can feel a bit awkward or even intimidating.  Our culture offers narratives and imagery that can really skew a person's understanding of what a Christian believes.  Yet we all have people in our lives, maybe even in our families, who we care about and want to share the life we have found in the Jesus way.  This core Alpha course offers us both a venue and ideas about how to engage our friends in a fun, engaging, non-threatening fashion.  

What is Alpha?  Check out this video below by clicking on it:


Heading 2


We held a final gathering the weekend after Easter, April 24th, 3:30-7pm.  The focus was on learning who the Holy Spirit is, how He works and we had some space for prayer, both alone and with others.  

With a celebratory meal to wrap up our time, this first six Alpha courses were completed.  What a joyous time it was been together.  


If you were unable to join us for this first course, the next six teachings of this course will be offered in October 2022.  I encourage you to talk with someone who took the course this spring, hear their experience and then join in next time, if possible.