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On Sunday afternoons, beginning October 2nd, @ 3:30 - 5 pm, we are completing the Alpha course, we began last spring.  While the course is meant to be taken in as a whole, you are most welcome to join us, even if you weren't able to check it out last spring.  The weekly topics do stand alone, making it easier to jump in as you are able.  If you haven't ever attended an Alpha course, this is your chance to come see what all the excitement is about and enjoy the gifts of laughter, great content and thoughtful discussions.  


Talking about our Christian faith with those who are unfamiliar or skeptical can feel a bit awkward or even intimidating.  Our culture offers narratives and imagery that can really skew a person's understanding of what a Christian believes.  Yet we all have people in our lives, maybe even in our families, who we care about and want to share the life we have found in the Jesus way.  This core Alpha course offers us both a venue and ideas about how to engage our friends in a fun, engaging, non-threatening fashion.  

If Alpha is unfamiliar to you, check out this video below by clicking on it:


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