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Enter into the big story of Scripture and explore how the gospel reframes all of life.  Our lives are increasingly complex and so is our modern world. As a result, Christians often struggle to connect what they believe with what they do day by day. ReFrame addresses this challenge through a 10-episode, film-based series that helps Christians connect faith with all of life; whether that be tending a garden, caring for children, pastoring a church, or negotiating a business deal.


See the ReFrame home page for previews of each episode  All full length Videos are available online for anyone, anytime, absolutely free who wish to view them at home.

Episode one  - The Reframing Story

Episode two - Cultural Stories

Episode three - Creation & Fall

Episode four - Israel's Calling

Episode five - Jesus the King

Episode six - New Heavens and New Earth

Episode seven - The Church & the Spirit

Episode eight - Strangers & Exiles

Episode nine - Ambassadors

Episode ten - Joyful Living

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