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Thrive Middle School Ministry 2023-2024


What is Thrive?   Thrive is a middle-school based ministry open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students on San Juan Island. Our program combines many different aspects to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere that is welcoming to all students, regardless of religious affiliation or background. Our primary goal is to help these students, many who are “newbies” to faith, to learn and grow their faith in a way that is personal to each student. Our program uses several ways to connect with our kids including:

Meal Time--we start off most every week with a meal.  Many of our students are active in sports and extracurriculars, and sitting down to a meal together is an essential bonding time between students and leaders.  Meals are prepared by our loyal and hard-working adult volunteers who are also assisted by our Catalyst high school student leaders!

Activity Time—also known as game time. We all know that middle school kids are cooped up all day in school, and need a creative and active outlet for some of that excess energy. Games not only help get rid of extra energy, but many of our team-based games stress cooperation and teamwork. This is another great opportunity for staff and kids to bond.

Transition Time—after the games but before the learning part of our night, we frequently will transition and slow things down with a screen game or skit or singing. The kids love this time as it allows them to have a bit of fun using their minds, and sometimes might even mean seeing a leader get a pie in the face or having to compete with the kids in a “no hands” chocolate pudding eating contest!

Library Time—this is the time where we really start to explore the Bible or Biblical concepts. Topics can range from using the Bible, devoted study into sections of the Bible (we just completed a Proverbs study), or be looking Biblical stories and how they can apply to us even today. Many of our studies are tied into current issues the kids are dealing with including bullying, sex, cheating, and more. Sometimes we have a night planned out and one of the kids will bring up an interesting question that ends up taking most of the night!! We encourage all questions (there is no such thing as a dumb question).

Ending Time—at the end of the night, kids are encouraged to share any prayer requests. Special event reminders are also reviewed and then the kids are done!

The Program is every MONDAY night during the school year, and on alternate MONDAYS in summer. Doors open at 6:30pm and program ends at 8:00pm.

EVENTS CALENDAR:  Updated regularly, so if it's not here, it's not happening!

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