Our Leaders

For Presbyterians, the word elder is about calling, not age.  Elders are women and men called by God and the members to serve the church as part of our “Session.”  These twelve elders, plus the pastor, support and guide the life and vitality of the church.  Elders meet monthly at 5:30 PM, each third Tuesday.  When elders are ordained, they promise to serve the people with “energy, intelligence, imagination and love,” under the authority of Jesus Christ.  

Current Session Members  

Moderator                                Rev. Greg Lund

Clerk of Session                       Denise Kulseth

Administration Team              Del Grotle, Chairman

Nominating Committee         Del Grotle, Chairman.

Worship                                    Denny Holm, Chairman. 

Stewardship                             Jennifer Johnson Chairwoman

Personnel                                 Bill Severson, Chairman. 

Congregational Life                Tom Starr, Chairman

Discipleship                              Jill Urbach, Chairwoman. 

Building/Grounds                   Mike Ahrenius, Chairman

Missions                                   Bill Hancock Chair.  

Lighthouse Pre-school           Candy Dossett