It's Summertime

Summer in Friday Harbor drives most of us outside and is about connecting up with old & new friends.  

Beach dinners, walks & hikes resume, ice cream is a legit meal and stories are swapped and new ones made together.  

What does that have to do with Christian spiritual formation?  Well, everything.  

We are in process of formation every day and what we do and with whom we do such things really matters.  No this doesn't imply every social gathering should be with Christians only!  Hardly.  In fact, it is better if that isn't the case...rather it is an invitation to just be a bit more thoughtful and intentional this year while we aim to deepen friendships & family time.  

During the Alpha Core series we did in early spring, questions around how to share our faith with others in this particular cultural soup arose and we did not have adequate time to give this very critical concern. So, we are dedicating two 90-minute gatherings to offer some content and conversation around how to engage our family, our neighbors and community about faith without blowing up relationships.  


Mark July 31st and August 7th in your calendars if you'd like to join in that learning space.  

Time has yet to be determined, but as soon as it is, this page will be updated with that information.    

Spiritual direction, walks & talks, meals and shared prayer are always connections awaiting for you.

Please don't hesitate to reach out via email ( or call (360-378-4544) to make an appointment.