Opportunities for Growth & Formation in the way of Jesus:

Sylvia hosts a 30-minute spiritual practice space every Thursday @ 12:30 pm via Zoom.  


This 2021 year, we are sharing a Lectio Divina (sacred reading) practice.  This practice helps us learn how to read Scripture for formation rather than information

You are most welcome to join us as a way of practicing this long-held spiritual discipline of the global Christian church.  

Zoom link is in the church bulletin each week or contact us and we'll hook you up!


February 1, 2021, we kicked off our 2021 Winter Book Club.  

Trevor Hudson, a retired Methodist pastor in South Africa, is a man transformed by the Trinity.  His book, Holy Spirit Here and Now was our focus book this winter/spring.  His 'voice' is so gentle, inviting and Trevor is a great story-teller.  

Sylvia hosts short Zoom parties to help voice what we are noticing and learning.  Weekly emails have supplemented the readings to help frame and notice different themes in each chapter.  

As of April 12th, we have completed the reading of the book, but our Zoom parties will continue weekly, now, til May 10th.  What a rich time these conversations have been!  


Plans are being prayerfully considered for more opportunities for further growth & learning.  Watch this page for resources as well as ways to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous fashion.  


While our 'offerings' are still being done mostly online via Zoom, in-person options are also available. In-person spiritual direction, walks & talks, meals and shared prayer are happening in healthy fashion.