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Welcome to our BibleProject Videos page!  This video page will update every Saturday night for the new week.

Using the summary videos from BibleProject, we are aiming to (re)discover how the good news of Jesus is connected to the unified story of the Bible.  We started on May 5th, we will watch 3 videos per week, which you can view below.  The most current weeks videos are on the top.   Also, listed below are three questions, we invite you to consider after each summary video.  To take it another step further, make a conversation happen with a friend about what questions are bubbling up or what you are discovering.  Reflection with others is one of the best ways to cement learning in our soul.  

Our first round-table chat is scheduled for June 2nd @ 11:30 am in the church library hosted by your discipleship committee.

Technical Tips:

1.  To see bigger versions of these videos, click the expand button on the bottom right corner of the video!

2.  To slow down the speed of the video, click on Settings icon (looks like a gear in lower right of the video) and a menu will appear offering various speeds, either to slow or speed up.  Often .75 slower is a helpful and common choice to slow down the speed of information.

Discussion/Reflection Questions

  • What traits and values of God do you notice in this part of God’s story?  Where in your story do you see God revealing himself?

  • How does God communicate with His people?

  • Which Bible character or narrative twist made an impression on you?  Why?





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