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Our goal at Lighthouse Preschool is to provide a safe, stimulating, and enriching environment that focuses on the development of the whole child. We strive to give each child a positive foundation for future learning and living. We watch for signs that they are becoming comfortable with a variety of people, can communicate their thoughts clearly, enjoy using their bodies, and are approaching life with joy, curiosity, and confidence. To meet our larger goals, we pay close attention to how young children learn, think, and feel.

We believe...

Parents are the primary educators of the child. The home is the child’s first and continual learning environment. Children come to school with different life experiences and skills that we acknowledge and draw upon as we plan for and facilitate new learning. Parents have an in-depth knowledge of their child. When parents share this knowledge, teachers can better understand each child.

Play is the primary vehicle for children’s growth.Young children are natural learners and they learn through play by actively engaging with their environment and the people in it. Play is how children explore the world and take information from it.

The curriculum should be relevant, engaging and meaningful to children. Our “child-based” curriculum provides opportunity to build on the children’s individual interests, and encourages authentic learning experiences. During the day children are offered ample time to explore the world around them through an intentionally planned environment, a variety of interesting materials, and a combination of child directed play and teacher guided learning experiences. During the additional 4- year old enrichment time, children are given the opportunity to practice, and further develop kindergarten readiness skills.This additional time helps to ensure success as they transition into kindergarten.

Who we are as human beings develops from our earliest life experiences. Our values about how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and how we live in community are important aspects of growing up. Character Builders is a special program developed by Lighthouse Preschool to enrich each child’s overall development. During the school year Lighthouse Preschool will focus on nine character traits we feel are universally important for all human beings as they live, grow, work, and play in our world.These traits may include: kindness, love, courage, patience, generosity, respect, fairness, honesty, caring, peacemaking, self control, self care, and responsibility.

Young children are individuals. Each child has their own interests, timetable for growth, and style of learning. We accept and respect each child as a unique person with his or her own needs, abilities and behaviors.


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